1904 S. B. & B. W. Fleisher, Inc.

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of a
1904 product catalog for S. B. & B. W. Fleisher, Inc.,
manufacturers of “The Best Knitting Yarns”.  The
companies facilities were located in Philadelphia, PN.  
This catalog actually includes samples of each yarn
produced by the company.  The samples are grouped
by category, labeled, and numbered.  Yarn types
include:  Knitting Worsted “A four-fold knitting yarn of
medium weight, especially suited for sweaters, vests,
outing coats, skirts, etc.  It is put up 8 two-ounce
balls (one pound) to a box.  In a number of colors it
is also put up 20 four-ounce hanks (five pounds) to a
bundle.”, Four-Fives Knitting Yarn “A four-fold knitting
yarn for heavy sweaters and out-door garments.”,
Hosiery Yarn “A soft, durable yarn of medium weight
for making the fashionable sports hosiery.”, Angora
Yarn “A very soft, furry yarn, used for children’s
garments and for trimming sweater’s.”, Silverglow
Yarn “A soft and lofty two-fold yarn, a mixture of wool
and art silk, having a rich, lustrous appearance.  
Adapted for light weight sweater’s, scarfs, sport wear,
etc.”, Alpaca Yarn “A very soft, silky yarn made of
real alpaca hair.  Used for sports wear, scarfs, etc.”,
Sylvan Yarn “A four-fold knitting yarn, with a mixture
of art silk in contrasting color.  It is used for sweaters,
sports wear, etc.”, Ice Wool “A two-fold yarn with a
hard twist, light in weight and lustrous.  It is used for
light-weight shawls, scarfs, etc.”, Shetland Floss “A
two-fold yarn, soft and loosely twisted.  It is
especially adapted for sweaters.”, Saxony Yarn “A
three-fold yarn, light in weight and tightly twisted, yet
delicate in body.  It is used for infants’ and children’s
wear, negligees, etc.  It is also made in two-and four-
fold.”, Spanish Yarn “A four-fold yarn, lighter in
weight than Knitting Worsted and with a tighter twist.  
It is particularly suited for durable stockings of
medium weight, sweaters, etc.”, Camel’s Hair Yarn “A
yarn made of genuine camel’s hair.  Used for vests,
sweaters, sports stockings, socks, scarfs.”, Camel’s
Hair Floss “Real Camel’s hair made with a loose twist,
suitable for use in light weight sweaters and sports
wear.”, Camel’s Hair Iceland Yarn “A light-weight
yarn, made of real camel’s hair.  Used for sweaters
and sports wear of an extremely thin texture.”,
Germantown Zephyr 4-Fold “A four-fold zephyr yarn,
soft, and of a moderate twist.  It is adapted for
afghans, blankets, slippers, sweaters, etc.”,
Corinthian Iceland Yarn “A delicate yarn for light-
weight sweaters, scarfs, babies’ wear, etc.”, Lustre
Iceland Yarn “A lustrous yarn, suitable for use in light-
weight sweaters, scarfs, shawls, negligees, etc.”,
Wonderglow Yarn “A medium-weight yarn, loosely
twisted with threads of artificial silk.  Used for
sweaters, scarfs, shawls, negligees, etc.”,
Germantown Zephyr 8-Fold “A zephyr yarn double the
thickness of four-fold.”, Silkflake Yarn “A two-fold
zephyr yarn, light in weight, wound with a pure silk
thread.  Used for babies’ wear, scarfs, kimonos, etc.”,
Paradise Zephyr “A yarn similar to Germantown
Zephyr, twisted with a thread of pure silk.  Used for
afghans, babies’ wear, sweaters, etc.”, Baby Zephyr
“A soft, dainty, four-fold yarn especially suited for all
classes of infants’ wear.”, Highland Yarn “A two-fold
yarn, soft and lofty, with a loose twist.  It is used for
light-weight sweaters, scarfs, shawls, negligees, etc.”,
Shetland Zephyr “A two-fold zephyr yarn of moderate
twist, soft and light in weight.  It is used for infants’
sacques, bootees, etc.”, Wonderglow Yarn-Paisley
Mixtures, Silverglow Yarn-Mystic Shades, and Cheviot
Yarn  In addition to yarn, the catalog also promotes
the Fleisher Yarn Cabinet and other Fleisher
1904 Fleisher's Knitting Yarns
1904 Fleisher's Knitting Yarns
S. B. & B. W. Fleisher, Inc.
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