1895-The Herzog Iron Works

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an
1895 catalog for The Herzog Iron Works, with
offices and facilities in St. Paul, MN.  It is 132 pages,
including front and back covers.  The company
manufactured all kinds of iron and steel work for
buildings, including steel beams, jail work, elevator
enclosures, wire work, fire escapes, iron columns, stair
work, and bank fixtures.  The catalog features 328
different designs (A-V & 100-405).  The catalog
includes design drawings and photos of product
installations.  Photos include:  Bank of Hamilton,
Winnipeg, Manitoba (No. 388); German American
Bank, Oshkosh, Wisconsin (No. 389); First National
Bank, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (No. A); First National
Bank, Sioux City, Iowa (No. 102); Second National
Bank, St. Paul, Minnesota (No. 103); Red River Valley
Bank, Fargo, North Dakota (No. 104); American
Exchange Bank, St. Paul, Minnesota (No. 105);
Wisconsin National Bank, West Superior, Wisconsin
(No. 106); C. Gotzian & Co., St. Paul, Minnesota
(Roof Sign): Bank of Minneapolis, Minneapolis,
Minnesota (No. 235-Heavy Wrought Iron Folding
Gates); First National Bank, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
(No. 236-Ornamental Gate); Bank of Commerce,
Minneapolis, Minnesota (No. 238-Wrought Iron Gate);
First National Bank, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (No. 239-
Wrought Iron Vault Door); National German American
Bank Building, St. Paul, Minnesota (No. K-Ornamental
Canopy with Posts); Mannheimer Bros., St. Paul,
Minnesota (No. L-Ornamental Canopy); Court House,
Omaha, Nebraska (No. 273 & No. 274-Elevator Cab);
Merchants Bank Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba (No.
404-Elevator Enclosures); Guaranty Loan Building,
Minneapolis, Minnesota (No. 290-Elevator Enclosure);
United States Post Office, St. Paul, Minnesota (No.
291-Elevator Enclosure); Guaranty Loan Building,
Minneapolis, Minnesota (No. 292-Balcony and Stair
Railing); Raudenbush Building, St. Paul, Minnesota
(No. S & No. T-Elevator Enclosures); Manhattan
Building, St. Paul, Minnesota (No. 293-Elevator
Enclosure); Northern Pacific Railway General Office
Building, St. Paul, Minnesota (No. 294-Cast Iron
Pilasters and Elevator Enclosure); U. S. Post Office,
St. Paul, Minnesota (No. 296-Elevator Enclosure and
Stairs); Office Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota (No.
298-Elevator Enclosure and Iron Stairway); Dayton
Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota (No. 299-Elevator
Enclosure and Iron Stairway); Flour Exchange,
Minneapolis, Minnesota (No. 300-Elevator Enclosure
and Cast Iron Stair Work); U. S. Post Office Building,
Butte, Montana (No. 325-Elevator Enclosure);
Commercial Club Apartments in the Germania Life
Insurance Building, St. Paul, Minnesota (No. 301-Iron
Stairways and Railings); Chespeake & Potomac
Telephone Building, Washington, D. C. (No. 209-Cast
and Wrought Iron Stairway and Railing); U. S. Post
Office Building, Omaha, Nebraska (No. Paul,
Minnesota (No. 306-Cast Iron Stairway and Railing);
Manhattan Building, St. Paul, Minnesota (No. 307-Iron
Stairway and Railing); U. S. Post Office Building,
Sioux City, Iowa (No. 308-Elevator Enclosure and
Stairway); U. S. Post Office Building, Mankato,
Minnesota (No. 314-Cast Iron Stairway and Railing);
Colorado State Capitol, Denver, Colorado (No. 315-
Cast Iron Stair Work and Railing); Galveston County
Court House (No. 316-Iron Stairway and Railings-
Compound Curve); Public Library, St. Paul, Minnesota
(No. 317-Patent Folding Gate); Lindeke, Warner &
Schurmeier Building, St. Paul, Minnesota (No. 321-Fire
Escapes); Smith & Farwell Building, St. Paul,
Minnesota (No. 322-Fire Escape); Ryan Building, St.
Paul, Minnesota (No. 323-Circular Fire Escape); W. H.
Elsinger & Co., “Golden Rule” Store, St. Paul,
Minnesota (No. U-Iron Store Front), and Endicott
Building, St. Paul, Minnesota (No. V-Iron Store Front).
The Herzog Iron Works
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