1913 James Rees & Sons Company

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of the
1913 catalog for James Rees & Sons Co., founded by
James Rees in 1845 and Incorporated by James
Rees & Company in 1895.  The company designed
and manufactured Iron and Steel Hull Freight and
Passenger Steamers, Tugboats, Dredgeboats,
Towboats, and Barges for Inland Waters, also Marine
and Land Engines, and Boilers of Every Type and
Size.  The catalog provides details and illustrations
for some of the vessels produced by the company,
including the U.S. Mail Steamer Kate Adams “A typical
Mississippi River Steamer.  Constructed in 1882 for
the Memphis and Arkansas City Packet Company”;
Steamer Paragon (1873); Steamer Chickasaw
“Constructed in 1883 for the Memphis and White
River Packet Company”; Steamer J. N. Harbin “A
typical light draught Cotton Boat constructed in 1895
for the Arkansas River Packet Company”; Steamer
Eugene “Constructed in 1887 for the Arkansas River
Packet Company”; Steamer Buckeye State
“Constructed in 1878 for the Pittsburgh and Cincinnati
Trade”; Steamer Mary Disston “Recess Sternwheel
Steamer constructed in 1885 for the Anclote River,
Florida”; Steamer Ethel “Small Side Wheel Steamer,
designed for River and Inland Lake Navigation.  
Constructed in 1887 for service on Tippecanoe Lake,
Indiana.”; Steamer Benton “Type of Stern-wheel
Steamer, designed and constructed in 1875 for the
Saint Louis and Fort Benton Trade on the Missouri
River.”; Steamer W. S. Holt “Type of Stern-wheel
Steamer, Boiler Deck extended to bow, constructed in
1875 for Capt. Saml. J. Whitesides, Columbus,
Georgia, for service on the Chattahoochee River.”;
Steamer Will S. Hays “Constructed in 1882 for
Messrs. W. H. Brown’s Sons y James Rees, Sr.,
Pittsburgh, PA.  Designed for the Cincinnati and Saint
Louis and New Orleans Trades respectively.”; Steamer
Georgia Oaks (1891) “Constructed by the N.P.R.R. for
service on Lake Cour de Leon, Idaho”; Steamer
Bailey Gatzert (1890); Steam Launch “Type of fleet
constructed for the U. S. Government in 1880.”;
Steamer Chas. R. Suter (1886); Steamer Baltimore
(1887); Star Sand Company (1908); Steamer “Will H.
Isom” (1901); Propeller “Storm” (1889); Steamer
“James Moren”; Steamer Chattahoochee (1881);
Steamer Oregon (1909); U. S. Snagboat Swan
(1902); Steamer S. S. Brown (1906); Steamer Lize
(1894); Steamer Henry A. Laughlin (1905); Steamer
B. F. Jones (1907); Steel Hull Steamer “Kate Adams”
(1899); Vapor Kate Adams-Casco De Acero (1899);
Steamer “Hidalgo”; Steamer “Jas. Deitrick” (1904);
Steamer Australian (1899); Steamer Alberta (1898);
Steamer Amazonka (1882/1883); Side Wheel
Transfer Steamer (1884); Steamer Francisco Montoya
(1878); Steamer Medellin (1909); Hull of the
Steamer Victoria (1880); Steamer F. Perez Rosa
(1911); Cabin of the Steamer “F. Perez Rosa”;
Steamer “Venezuela” (1880); Steamer “Curityba”;
Steamer “Bolivia” (1912); “Columbia” (1912);
Steamer Egypt (1908).
1913 James Rees & Sons Company
James Rees & Sons Company
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