1932 Seth Thomas Clock Co.

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1932 product ad for
the Seth Thomas Clock Co.
 It is 2 pages. This ad features Seth Thomas
Tower Clocks "Movements are substantially constructed. The wheels are of
cast bronze, machine cut, pinions of steel (heat treated) all steel parts
heavily copper plated. The mechanism mounted on a heavy cast iron bed
frame. On the clock is a small dial to indicate the position of the hands on
the outside dial; also a seconds dial for close regulation; a safety catch to
prevent the fall and breakage of the pendulum rod should the suspension
spring break. Escapement either Graham's dead beat, mahogany
pendulum rod, or Dennison's double 3-legged gravity escapement, the
pendulum of zinc and steel to insure accurate compensation." Optional
features include Silencing Devices, Automatic Light Switch, Self-winding
Movements, Size of Dials, Glass Dials, Wood Dials, Iron Dials and Skeleton
Metal); Mammoth Clock installations include the Consolidated Gas Building
(NY), Paramount Building (NY), Colgate & Co. (NJ), Emerson Drug Co. (MD),
Maryland Casualty Co. (MD) and C. Schmidt Sons (PA).; Seth Thomas
Street Clocks; Seth Thomas Electric Clocks (developed in conjunction with
the General Electric Company).
1932 Seth Thomas Clock Co. Tower Clocks
1932 Seth Thomas Clock Co. Street Clocks
Seth Thomas Clock Co.
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