1894 American Ordnance Company-PDF

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an
1894 product catalog for the American
Ordnance Company
, with offices and facilities in
Bridgeport, CT.  The catalog is 125 pages (excluding
the front and rear cover).  This catalog is extremely
scarce.  You will not find an original copy available for
sale on the internet.  The catalog was published by
the Orr Press and illustrated by Bartlett & Company
of NY.  The catalog is divided into the following
Part I-Breech Mechanisms (Breech
Mechanism Nomenclature, The Schroeder Breech
Mechanism, Fletcher Breech Mechanism-Pattern A,
Fletcher Breech Mechanism-Pattern B, The Dashiell
Breech Mechanism-Pattern A, The Stockett Breech
Mechanism, Tasker Breech Mechanism for Light
Guns, Fletcher Opening Mechanism for Heavy Guns),
Part II-Semi-automatic and Automatic Mechanisms
(The Bevans Semi-automatic Attachment for Wedge
Blocks, The Bevans Semi-automatic Attachment for
Screw Blocks, The Hotchkiss Rifle-caliber Automatic
Gun, The Hotchkiss One-pounder Automatic Gun,
Care and Preservation of Guns),
Part III-Mountain
Guns and Carriages
(The Hotchkiss Twelve-pounder
Mountain Gun, The Hotchkiss Two-pounder Mountain
Gun, Packing Notes),
Part IV-Light Landing Guns
(One-pounder Naval Militia Field Outfit, Two-pounder
National Guard Outfit, Nine-pounder Naval Landing
Outfit, Field Tripod for Hotchkiss Rifle-caliber
Automatic, Field Mount for One-pounder Hotchkiss
Automatic Gun),
Part V-Field Artillery (The Three-
inch Field Gun, Field Limber),
Part VI-Naval Guns
and Mounts
(Description of One-pounder Deck
Mount, Description of Three-pounder Deck Mount,
Description of the Six-pounder Deck Mount,
Description of the Mount for Three-inch Guns),
VII-Ammunition for Rapid-fire Guns
(The Cartridge
Case, The Primer, Smokeless Powder, Steel Shell,
Common Shell, Canister, Sweet’s Safety Double-
action Fuse, Shrapnel, Fuses),
Part VIII-Gun
(Drill Cartridges; Tangent Sights-The
Parkhurst Tangent Sight, The Driggs Tangent Sight,
The Mountain Gun Sight; The Bevans Telescopic
Sight; The Gunner’s Quadrant; The American One-
pounder Sub-caliber Tube; Gas Checks for Rapid-
firing Guns; Reloading Outfit Details-Frame, Wrench,
Reforming Dies, Reloading Base, Cartridge-case
Ejector, Reloading Cages, Decapper, Decapper
Guides, Recapper, Reloading Gauges, Mallet,
Combination Fuse Wrench; Directions for Reforming
and Reloading; Cleaning and Dismounting
Accessories and Reserve Parts; Pack Saddles and
Harness for Mountain Guns).  
1894 American Ordnance Company
1894 American Ordnance Company
American Ordnance Company
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