1908 Charles H. Childs & Company

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original
1908 catalog for Chas. H. Childs & Company,
“Manufacturers of Fine Road Vehicles”, with offices and
facilities in Utica, NY.  This is an exact copy of the catalog
reproduced on CD.  It is 38 pages, including the front
cover.  This company manufactures carriages.  The
catalog features the following models:  No. 40 Cut-Under
Surrey, No. 31 Cut-Under Surrey-Canopy Top, No. 31 Cut-
Under Surrey-Open, No. 39 New Surrey, No. 38 New Surrey,
No. 41 New Bike Surrey, No. 32 Surrey (New Design), No.
32 Surrey with Extension Top, No. 30 Surrey with Canopy
Top, No. 33 Surrey-Open with Spindle Seats, No. 36 Three-
Seated Surrey, No. 78 Glen Falls Buckboard, No. 77 Glens
Falls Buckboard, No. 70 Glens Falls Buckboard, No. 75
Three-Seated Glens Falls Buckboard, No. 76 Glens Falls
Buckboard, No. 74 Glens Falls Buckboard, No. 50 New York
Buckboard, No. 55 New York Buckboard, No. 62 New York
Buckboard, No. 60 New York Buckboard, No. 56 Empire
Buckboard, No. 57 Empire Buckboard-Two Seats, No. 43
New Climax Buckboard, No. 42 Park Wagon, No. 100
Stanhope, No. 105 Light Stanhope, No. 20 Piano Body, No.
23 New Design Low Front Piano Body, No. 22 Corning
Body, No. 14 Bannerette Gear-Corning Body, No. 12 Bike
Runabout-Corning Body, No. 12 Bike Gear-Corning Body,
No. 25 Cut-Under Runabout, No. 29 Pneumatic Runabout,
No. 17 Pneumatic Runabout, No. 18 Cushion Tire
Runabout, No. 19 High Grade Cushion Tire Runabout, No.
86 Imperial Ball Bearing Runabout, No. 24 Runabout, No.
26 Runabout, No. 34 Warwick, No. 37 Road Wagon, No. 35
Road Wagon, No. 28 Concord, No. 28 ½ Concord with Solid
Side Panel, No. 128 New Concord, No. 129 Cushion Tire
Concord, No. 130 Cushion Tire Concord with Top, No. 131
Cushion Tire Concord Runabout, No. 132 New Cushion Tire
Stanhope, No. 111 Bull’s Head Wagon Open, No. 111 Bull’
s Head Wagon with Top, No. 113 Bull’s Head Wagon-
Open, No. 113 Bull’s Head Wagon with Top, No. 112 Bull’s
Head Wagon-Open, No. 115 New Yorker-No Top, No. 115
New Yorker with Top, and No. 114 Manhattan.
1908 Charles H. Childs & Company
FOR $150
Charles H. Childs & Company
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