1925-The Creek Chub Bait Co.

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an ORIGINAL 1925
catalog for
The Creek Chub Bait Co., with offices and facilities in
Garrett, IN.  It is 52 pages, including front and back covers.  Products
featured include:  New Wiggle Fish-No, 2400 Series “The Aristocrat of
all Wrigglers.  All Creek Chub nature lures are noted for their
wonderful movements but in this new double-jointed lure with its
wagging, fluted, nickeled tail and patented mouth-piece, there is a
fast, flexible, swimming movement not found in any other lure.  As
its name indicates, the New Wiggle Fish looks like a fish, swims like
a fish, floats, dives and wiggles its way along just below the surface-
or deeper if pulled faster.  A guaranteed getter of Bass, Pickerel,
Pike and Muskies.”, Baby Wiggle Fish-No. 2500 Series, The Famous
Pikie Minnow-No. 700 Series “This New Nature Lure so closely imitates
the pike minnow in shape, color and movement that the
combativeness of the bass is aroused and they strike it to kill.  There’
s nothing like it on the market, and its big wiggle, unique shape and
color make it a great bass killer.”, The Baby Pikie Minnow-No. 900
Series, Husky Pikie Minnow-No. 2300 Series, Midget Pikie-No. 2200
Series, Fintail Shiner-No. 2100 Series, The Flat Side Chub-No. 1500
Series “Represents an injured minnow which is laying on its side
about all-in, but still able to make a little fuss on the surface and
should be pulled in a series of short, slow jerks or very slowly to
properly imitate a struggling minnow.  Bass will instantly take a lure
which they believe to be a minnow in trouble and therefore easy to
catch.”, The Baby Flat Side Chub-No. 1600 Series, The DeLuxe
Wagtail Chub-No. 800 Series “A bait which apparently swims with its
tail.  Looks like a live minnow, swims like one and is a real fish
getter.  It’s the last word in the making of artificial minnows; nothing
like it on the market.  Has a nickel-plated tail which swings back and
forth as the bait travels through the water, and the flash of the nickel
makes a more attractive lure.”, The Creek Chub Wiggler-No. 100
Series, The Baby Chub Wiggler-No. 200 Series, The Husky Musky-No.
600 Series, The Crawdad-Natural Crawfish-No. 300 Series, The Baby
Crawdad-No. 400 Series, The New Polly Wiggle-No. 1700 Series,
Open Mouth Shiner-No. 500 Series, New Creek Darter-No. 2000
Series, The Big Creek Bug Wiggler-No. 1400 Series, Underwater
Spinner Minnow-No. 1800 Series, Creek and River Fishing Lure-No.
1900 Series, New Feather Casting Minnow-No. F10 Series, Fly Rod
Froggie-No. F80 Series, Fly Rod Crawdad-No. F50 Series, Fly Rod
Flexible Floating Feather Minnow-No. F1 Series, New Bass Fly-No. F20
Series, Hopper Fly-No. F40 Series, The Creek Bug Wiggler-No. 1000
Series, Fly Rod Pikie-No. 1200 Series, Super Six Assortment, DeLuxe
Six Assortment, Regular Guaranteed Creek Chub Steel Rod, Special
Guaranteed Creek Chub Steel Rod, The Wawasee Reel, Beetzel 3-
Way Reel, “Modern” Level-Winding Reel-No. 100, Light Chub Casting
Lines, Black Chub Casting Lines, Keep ‘Em Alive Fish Stringer,
Perfection Hone, and the Sturdy Tackle Box.  The catalog includes
testimonials and fishing pictures sent in by happy customers, photos
of the company factory and its employees, and a list of lure
1925 The Creek Chub Bait Company
1925 The Creek Chub Bait Company
The Creek Chub Bait Co.
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