1925-The F. E. Myers & Bro. Co.

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original 1925
catalog for The F. E. Myers & Bro. Co.  It is 208 pages.  The
catalog features Air Chambers; Check Valves; Countershafts;
Couplings; Cylinders (All Kinds); Artesian Power Cylinders;
Hydro-Pneumatic Cylinders; Tubular Well Cylinders; Direct Water
Systems; Drive Caps and Heads; Electric House Pumps; Foot
Valves; Float Valves; Leathers; Marine Pumps (Handy Billy);
Nozzles; Pitman Power Pumps; Plungers; Pressure Gauges; Pump
Jacks; Rod Couplings; Steel and Wood Rod; Self-Oiling Bulldozer
Power Pumps; Self-Oiling Bulldozer Power Working Heads; Siphon
Pumps; Myers Power Spray Gun; Spray Pumps; Spray Fittings;
Power Spraying Outfits; Spraying Outfits Complete with Engine and
Trucks; Cotton, Grape and Potato Spraying Outfits; Strainers;
Tank Fillers; Tank Pumps; Tank Valves; Telegraph Cipher;
Pressure Regulating Valves; Water Supply Systems; Working
Barrels; Working Heads; and Special Working Heads.
The F. E. Myers & Bro. Co.
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