1900 The Keeley Stove Co.

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an
original 1900 catalog for The Keeley Stove Co., with
offices and facilities in Columbia, PA.  This is an
exact copy of the catalog reproduced on CD.  It is
184 pages.  The company manufactured stoves,
ranges, furnaces, and hot water specialties.  Products
featured include:  Active, Belle, Boiler Stand, Boiler
Couplings, Brick, Black Jack Polish, Columbian (Art,
Air Tight, Alliance, Banner, Choice “A”, Coin, Charm
Series “B”, Coral, Chime, Crown Heater, Comet,
Climax, Daisy Series “B”, Daisy Series “C”, Dawn,
Echo Series “B”, Fireside, Favorite, Jewel, Joy, Merit,
Magic, Newport, Oak, Plato, Prince, Peerless, Prize,
Rose, Reliance, Sun, Star, Triumph, Tropic, Ulster,
Vulcan, Victor), Castor, Cute Furnace, Cosy High
Closet, Circulating Boiler, Check Damper, Darling,
Dolly, Dampers, Fire Fly, Forest Oak, Farmers’ Boiler,
Golden Grain, Gas Burner, Happy Home, Hollow
Ware, Ham Boiler, Luxury, Laundry, Lifters, Miners’
Friend, Mantels, Morning Light, Mounting Machinery,
New Vim, Nobby, New Cappello, New Cappello Series
“A”, Oil Stoves, Pet Range, Pokers, Regulator, Rose
Wood, School House Heater, Sugar Kettles, Stool
Castings, Stands, Splash Plate, Shakers, Tiger, Tea
Kettles, Towel Rods, Wood Air Tight, Ware, Water
Backs, and Waffle Irons.
1900 The Keeley Stove Co.
1900 The Keeley Stove Co.
The Keeley Stove Co.
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