1920s Koken-Chisholm Corporation

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of a 1920s catalog for
Koken-Chisholm Corporation, with offices and facilities in New York,
NY (755 East 134th Street in New York City).  Although the catalog
is not dated, it is estimated to have been published in the 1920s.  
This catalog has 88 pages, including the front and rear covers and
features the following products:  Chair Accessories, Adjustable
Stool, Arm Sockets, Ash Trays, Beauty Shop Chairs (All-Purpose
Beauty Shop Chair-No. 351 "This chair is made of iron; the base,
telescoping sleeve, seat frame, back and hand-holds are finished
in vitreous porcelain enamel."), Shampoo Boards, Booths, Booth
Cabinets, Booth Tables, Cabinets (Display, Portable, Mirror,
Sterilizer, Swinging Mirror, Wall, Work), Cart Service, Cash Stand,
Chairs (Beauty Shop, Child's Hair cutting, Chiropodists',
Hair-Dressing, Permanent Waving, Seating, Shampoo), Child's
Seat, Coat and Hat Racks, Combination Fixtures, Combination
Mirror and Coat Racks, Manicure Cups, Curling Iron Heaters.
Display Cabinet and Sterilizer, Display Cases, Dresserette, Dressing
Tables, Electric Equipment, Electrodes, Footrest, Glass Shelf Case,
Hair-Bobbing Chair, Hair-Dressing Chair, Hair Dryers, Hand Mirrors,
Hat and Coat Hooks, Hat and Coat Racks, Curling Iron Heaters,
Shampoo Board Holder, Irrigating Stands, Lavatories, Manicure Cup
and Tray, Manicure Tables, Mirrors, Mirror Booths, Mirror Cabinet,
Swinging Mirror Cabinet, Mirror and Coat Racks, Mirror Dresserette,
Pier Mirror, Rear View Mirror, Screen Partition, Radio Lamp,
Receptacle, Sanitary Receiver, Shampoo Container, Shampoo
Fixture, Shampoo Spray, Shampoo Stool, Shelves, Sliding Mirror
Booths, Sliding Mirror Unit, Sterilizers, Stools, Utility Tables, Tool
Sterilizer, Manicure Tray, Rubber Tubing, Urns, Vibrators, Violet
Ray, Wall Display Case, Wall Mirror, Work Cabinet, and Work Stand.
Koken-Chisholm Corporation
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