1923 Savage Bros. Co.

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of an
original 1923 catalog for Savage Bros. Co., with
offices and facilities in Chicago, IL.  This is an exact
copy of the catalog reproduced on CD.  It is 110
pages.  The company manufactured candy
machinery and copper work for use in the
manufacturing of candy.  Products featured include:  
A. B. Gum Kettle, A. B. Runners with Spouts,
Adjustable Candy Cutter, Adjustable Roller Cutters,
After Roller-York, Batch Turner-Steel, Battery of
Mixers and Cookers, Beaters-Cream, Beaters-
Marshmallow, Beaters-Egg and Gelatine, Bellows for
Starch Work, Blancher Machine, Candy Pulling
Hooks, Caramel Knives, Caramel Tray Hooks,
Carpenter Shop, Chewing Gum Machines, Chocolate
Coating Machine-WOOLFS, Chocolate Coating Pan,
Chocolate Cooler Cabinet, Chocolate Dipping Table-
Ice Cream, Chocolate Dipping Tables-Electric,
Chocolate Electric Heater, Chocolate Melter and
Mixer, Cutter, Ball’s Cream Beater, Batch Heaters,
Batch Warmers, Batch Knives, Batch Chocolate
Moulds, Chocolate Shaver, Chocolate Warmer,
Chocolate Tray Racks, Circular Shaver, Chocolate
Warmer, Chocolate Tray Racks, Circular Knife Roller
Cutter-Hand, Choppers for Stick Candy, Cleaning
Machine for Starch, Cocoanut Choppers for Stick
Candy, Cleaning Machine for Starch, Cocoanut Parer,
Copper Cookers and Mixers, Coolers for Chocolate,
Copper Kettles, Copper Utensils, and Mixers,
Coolers for Chocolate, Copper Kettles, Copper
Utensils, Cough Drop Patterns, Cream Beaters-Ball’
s, Cream Beaters-Dayton, Cream Remelters,
Crimper-Novelty, Crimper-Champion, Covers for
Kettles-Steamers, Cutting Outfit with Board and
Knife, Crystal Drainer, Crystalizing Pans, Crystalizing
Pan Grates, Humbug, Date Pitting Machine, Dayton
Cream Beater, Dies for Squares and Sticks, Dippers-
Heavy Tin, Drainer-Crystal, Draw Off Mixers, Dipping
Forks, Ekco Gas Furnace, Electric Coating Pan,
Electric Dipping Tables, Electric Heaters and
Warmers, Electric Motor Blower, Electric Motors,
Empire Starch Purifier, Egg Whips, Enrober Plaques,
Fire Mixers, Fig Choppers, Forced Draft Furnace,
Fork-Scoop Separator, Formula Mixing Tank, Frames
for Drop Rollers, Fruit Drop Frames, Fruit Drop
Patterns, Fruit Drop Rollers, Funnel Droppers,
Furnaces-Gas-Coke-Coal-Wood, Furnace-Gasoline,
Furnace-Sweetmeat, Forks for Dipping, Gas Heated
Jacket Kettle, Gas Spinning Heaters, Gasoline
Spinning Heater, Gauge for Syrup, Gelatine
Dissolver-Porcelain Boiler, Giant Chocolate Coating
Machine, Giant Coke, Coal or Wood Furnace,
Gooseberry Machine, Graduates-Glass, Grates for
Crystalizing Pans, Gravity Mixer, Gloves, Hand
Cutting Outfit, Hand Runners with Spouts, Herald
Forced Draft Furnace, Hoarhound-Patterns for,
Hooks for Candy Pulling, Humbug Machine, Ice
Cream Dipping Table, Jackson Ball Cutter, Jaggers
for Pastry, Kettles-Copper, Kettle-Tin Jacket, Kingery’
s Peanut Roasters, Kingery’s Pop Corn Popper,
Knives for Confectioners, Knott Adjustable Sizer
Cutter, Leonard Date Pitting Machine, Liquid
Measures, Marshmallow Beaters, Markers-Wood
Rollers, Measures Liquid, Mint Cutter-After Dinner,
Mint Cake Cutter-Hand, Mint Cake Press-Hand, Mitts
for Candy Makers, Mixing Tank, Mould Boards,
Moulds-for Chocolate, Moulds-Rubber, Moulds-
Plaster of Paris, Motor Blower, Motors-Electric, Moss
Square Dies, Movable Bed-Roller Knives Candy
Cutter, Movable Knife Roller Cutters, Nougat Cutter-
Monitor, Nougat Cutter-Paramount, Nut Breaker-
Mills, Nut or Fig Chopper-Hand, Nut or Fig Chopper-
Power, Ornamenters’ Bags, Ornamenting Tubes,
Ornamenting Set-Eclipse, Patterns for Fruit Drops
and Pan Work, Paddles-Wood, Pans-Batch, Pans-
Counter, Pans-Crystalizing, Pans-Candy, Pans-
Caramel, Pans-Taffy, Palette Knives, Paring Knife
for Cocoanut, Pastry Jaggers, Paste Cooler-
Continuous, Peanut Blancher, Peanut Butter Mill,
Peanut Fryers, Peanut Mixing Machine, Peanut
Roasters, Peels, Patterns for Fruit Drops, Patterns
for Hoarhound Sticks and Drops, Popcorn Mixing
Machine, Popcorn Popper, Plaques for Enrober,
Portable Fire Mixer, Portable Power Unit-Savage,
Porcelain Boilers, Potato Pare and Slicer, Power
Attachment for Cutting Machine, Power Attachment
for No. 2 Frames, Printer for Starch Work-Hand,
Pulling Hooks, Pumps-Syrup and Glucose, Racks for
Caramel Trays, Racks for Fruit Drop Rollers, Racks
for Chocolate Trays, Revolving Can Mixing Machine,
Revolving Pans, Roller Cutters-Hand, Rollers for
Fruit Drops, Rollers-Wood Markers, Rolling Pins-
Iron, Rolling Pins-Wood, Rubber Candy Moulds,
Runners-Tin with Spouts Hand, Runners-Funnel,
Sabatier’s Knives, Saccharimeter, Sanding Revolving
Pan, Saratoga Potato Slicer, Scales for
Confectioners, Scoops-Wood, Scrapers, Separating
Fork, Shears, Shear Motion Candy Cutter, Sieves-
Brass and Iron Wire, Sieves for Starch Work, Sinks-
Wash, Sizing Machine for Balls, Sizing Machine-
Improved-Savage, Sizing Machine-Hand, Slab Bars-
Steel, Slabs-Vermont Marble, Slabs-Water Cooled,
Spinning Furnaces and Heaters, Starch Boards,
Starch Cleaner, Starch Moulds, Starch Troughs,
Steamers-Galvanized Covers, Stick Candy Machines-
Square and Crimped, Stick Candy Chopper, Stools-
Factory, Starch Printer-Hand, Steamers, Taber
Pumps, Tables-Dipping, Tables-Factory, Tables-
Spinning, Thermometers, Tilting Mixers, Tongs,
Trays for Dipping, Trays-Wood-Bon Bon, Trough-for
Starch, Trucks for Cream Fondant, Trucks for Starch
Boards, Truck Racks-for Caramel and Chocolate,
Vacuum Pans, Vertical Candy Cutter, Waffle Cutter-
Hand, Waffle Cutter-York, Waffle Cutter-Brach,
Warmers for Chocolate, Water Cooled Slabs, Whips-
for Eggs, Woolf’s Giant Chocolate Coating Machine,
Wood Marker, York Batch Roller, York Continuous
Candy Cutter, and York Crystal Rock Cutter.
Savage Bros. Co.
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