1940s Superior Products, Inc.

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original
1940s product catalog for Superior Products, Inc.
better Salesboards are produced, Superior will produce them."

It is 202 pages.  This catalog features punchboards (or in
some cases "punch board", "push board", "punchcard", or
"pushcard"), a gambling device popular in the United
States from roughly 1910 until 1970. A modern
punchboard typically consists of a square or rectangular
piece of pressed wood or cardboard (from ½ inch to one
inch in thickness) in which hundreds or thousands of holes
have been drilled in a regular pattern, then loaded with
tiny slips of rolled or folded paper. Each slip of paper had
a number or symbol printed on it. Both front and back of
the board were covered with a foil or paper seal. The front
of the board typically featured some form of
attention-getting commercial imagery and a chart listing
the winning number or combination of numbers and
symbols, along with the prizes or cash amounts to be
awarded to the winners.  A player paid the punchboard's
operator a set amount of money (typically a nickel, dime
or quarter) for a chance to use a metal stylus to break
the seal on the hole of his choice, and "punch" one of the
slips of paper out of the board. If the number or symbols
found on the slip of paper matched one of the
pre-determined winning combinations, the player was
awarded the corresponding prize.  This catalog includes
hundreds of color lithographs of vintage punchboards
produced by the company during the 1940s.
Superior Products, Inc.
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