1886 Underwood & Underwood

This is a high resolution digital reproduction of the
DEALER’s Catalogue of Underwood & Underwood’s
Unequaled Stereoscopic Views of the World,
published in 1886 by Knight, Leonard & Co.,
Printers, of Chicago, IL.  A message to the company’
s agents reads, “TO OUR AGENTS…We make this
Catalogue briefly descriptive, interspersing several
pages of illustrations, in order that you may better
understand the interesting points in each view, and
be prepared to present, especially the new subjects,
to greater advantage.  The subjects on this list have
been very carefully chosen from a collection of over
12,000 negatives, of which we have the sole
management, and now lay claim to have in this
Catalogue the finest stereoscopic views, both in
quality and variety, that can be obtained.  Our views
are printed from none but original negatives, and
only the best materials and the most approved
methods of manufacturing are used.  The names of
Jarvis, Bierstadt, Strohmeyer and Bellows are sufficient
guarantee of the high grade of photography.”  There
are 173 printed pages in this catalogue.  Each listing
is printed in English, Spanish and German as the
stereoscopic views of Underwood & Underwood were
sold all over the world.  
Underwood & Underwood
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