1954 Universal Packing & Gasket Co.

This is a high quality digital reproduction of an original 1954
product advertisement for the Universal Packing & Gasket Co. It
is 4 pages.  This advertisement features Universal Style 1502
Pump Gaskets "For use as steam cylinder head and piston rod
stuffing box gaskets on various oil field pumps and engines.  
This is a copper-clad asbestos center gasket.  The exposed
asbestos filler is of high grade to withstand surface frictions.  
Style 1502 is a good flexible gasket that is easily compressed
between joints.  It will give best service when used against
pressures not exceeding 600 lbs. and temperatures up to 750F.  
A proven gasket for the oil field on steam cylinder head
services."; Spirlock Boiler Gaskets (Universal Style 1550) "These
and Style 1201 is the handhole size.  Designed for heavy duty
service, these gaskets are made from wire woven asbestos cloth
treated with a special heat-resisting rubber compound.  
Manufactured in all sizes for immediate shipment.  Style 1200 is
packed twelve per bundle.  Style 1201 packed twenty-five per
bundle."; (Universal Style 678-Blow-off Valve Packing-Throttle
Valve Packing) "A high pressure plastic composed of a braided
wire inserted asbestos jacket over a tough, pliable, high
temperature, fibrous metallic plastic core."; Universal Style 1101
"General Service Asbestos Sheet Packing."
1954 Universal Packing & Gasket Co.
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